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Medcaptain EP-60C

The EP-60C enteral feeding pump is intended to be used in combination with an enteral giving set and an enteral feeding catheter for adjustable infusion of nutrient solution into the intestines or stomach of the patient in hospital. The pump can be used in the hospital for adults and children, but not for the neonatal. The pump is intended to be used in medical institutions, such as hospitals, clinics and nursing homes.


  • Heating of feed solution and temperature setting are supported, making the feeding more convenient and comfortable.
  • Touch screen, providing a convenient and efficient man-machine interaction interface.
  • Wide setting range of feed rate: 1~1200ml/h.
  • Wireless networking function and wired networking function, enabling connection to the infusion central monitoring system.
  • Nurse call function.
  • Three types of power supply are supported: AC power supply, DC power supply, and built-in lithium battery.



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