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Spiegelberg ICP monitor

All Spiegelberg ICP monitors have a practical plug-and-play function. After placement of the air-pouch probe, connect it, switch on the monitor and wait for the automatic calibration. The latest Spiegelberg ICP monitors come with batteries that last up to 6 hours. Every ICP monitor is compatible with most standard patient monitors.

Spiegelberg ICP monitors run an automatic recalibration process to ensure accurate measurement results. A clinical trial has confirmed that the maximum drift over a period up to 28 days was only ±2 mmHg.



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ICP probes

All Spiegelberg ventricular ICP probes combine two functions in one product: ICP measurement and drainage. Because the technology is in the monitor and not in the probe, the ICP probes are particularly non-sensitive and are noted for their durability. All ICP probes can also be used directly because they do not require zeroing. Spiegelberg ICP probes are available as tunnel or bolt versions and are MR-compatible at 1.5 and 3 Tesla.

Patented Silverline® technology:
The coatings of all Spiegelberg Silverline® probes have a special silver additive that reduces the possibility of microbial colonisation of the product surface. This discovery was awarded the innovation prize of the senate of Hamburg.



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Catheters & EVD Kits

Spiegelberg supplies high-quality medical devices such as neurosurgical catheters in sizes 6F, 8F or 10F as tunnel or bolt versions and also external ventricular drainage kits (EVD kits) for use with indications such as subarachnoidal haemorrhages, traumatic brain injury and acute hydrocephalus. All Spiegelberg catheters are made of radiopaque polyurethane. Specially designed drainage holes at the tip of the catheter reduce blockages. The round tip is closed and the catheter has depth markings. It is easily attached with the Luer-Lock connector. The silver additive of all Spiegelberg Silverline® catheters also reduces the risk of microbial colonisation of the surface of the product.



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IAP Catheters

Spiegelberg IAP catheters continuously measure the intraabdominal pressure via the air pouch at the tip of the catheter and they are compatible with all Spiegelberg ICP monitors. They can be used immediately, because they do not require calibration before use. The IAP catheter is inserted like a nasogastric tube. There is an air pouch at the tip. The catheter has two lumens: one lumen for connection of the air pouch to the Spiegelberg ICP monitor and one lumen for insertion of the guide wire. Because the technology is not in the probe but only in the monitor, the Spiegelberg IAP catheters are particularly non-sensitive and are noted for their durability.



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