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Company history

In 2007 owner and founder of the company, Franci Zore, started with the business in medical area, intensive care units in the Slovenian hospitals, which developed in a decent company in 5 years.

In the meantime, new contracts were signed with the principals and that lead us to spread our activities and also to make a change in 2017 in the regulatory form of the company (from IC to LTD) and in the company name as well.

So, in 2017 FRAMED was established and in the following years some fresh and young guys came on the board. FRAMED became a really good team divided into sales and service department.

We try to cover all the Slovenian hospitals and support them with our devices, service and knowledge, because we care.

Franci ZORE,
founder and owner


Hamilton Ventilators

High-frequency Jet Ventilations Carl Reiner

Infusion Pumps BD BodyGuard

Enteral Pumps Medcaptain

Grip-Lok Securement Devices

ICP measurements