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BD BodyGuard™

The BD BodyGuard™ infusion pump is a small, lightweight ambulatory infusion pump which offers flexibility and reliability. Effortless transition between hospital and home care requirements is the core of the BD BodyGuard™ infusion pump.


  • Infusion Modes: Continuous, Total parenteral nutrition (TPN), Drug Libraries, 25 doses, Intermittent, and Patient-Controlled Analgesia (PCA).
  • A versatile, multi-therapy pump designed to address most common infusion needs.
  • An interactive user interface with a high resolution colour screen to facilitate easy programming for patients and healthcare professionals.
  • Three levels of security access codes to help prevent accidental or unauthorised program changes.
  • Extensive drug library and fully configurable drug limits for safety and security.



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BD BodyGuard™ DUO

With 2 infusion channels, a single simplified user interface, and true concurrent flow capability, the BD BodyGuard™ Duo infusion system addresses the needs of high intensity multi-channel infusion environments such as out-patient medical oncology, patient transport, and general infusion therapy. The BD BodyGuard™ Duo and BD BodyGuard™ MicroSet systems offer flexibility and convenience to both healthcare worker and patient by helping free up nurse time, helping ensure adherence to medication protocols, improving workflow efficiency, and helping reduce equipment cost and footprint.


  • Infusion Modes: Continuous, Total Parenteral Nutrition (TPN), Dose (Drug Libraries), 25 Steps (doses), and Intermittent.
  • 2 independent infusion channels in one intuitive, user-friendly interface simplify infusion of complex therapies.
  • Light-weight, space saving and ambulatory, Duo is smallest in category design.
  • Concurrent flow through 2 independent channels from a single device saves nurse time at the device as well as patient time at the healthcare facility.
  • With dedicated low volume primary and secondary infusion sets, the system helps minimse set-up time and leftover medication.
  • System capable of working in conjunction with a drop sensor on both channels for added safety.



Link to BD BodyGuard™ DUO Official Site